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Dr. Eric Andersen is proud to be your Lucas, TX dentist!

Your smile is unique, so you deserve dental care that is personalized for you! Dr. Eric Andersen is so proud to be our Lucas, TX dentist! He is committed to serving the smiles in our community and beyond! The team here at Eric Andersen DDS is honored that you have chosen us for your family's dental care. We aim to provide every patient with an attentive and compassionate experience every time and we uphold the highest standards in dentistry.


Quality Dental Care in One Convenient Location

Whether you need a simple cleaning or a more serious oral health treatment, you can expect a five-star experience every time you visit our office. We specialize in a wide variety of dental services so that our patients can get the care they need all in one convenient location. Our Lucas TX dentist can help your smile look beautiful and feel fresh with simple and comprehensive treatments. We stay up-to-date on the evolving dental industry so that we can always provide patients with the best experience possible. Our facilities feature the most cutting edge technology and advanced dental procedures so that your smile can shine bright! Whatever service your smile requires, you can trust that we are giving you the absolute best dental treatment in the Lucas area.


Invest in Your Smile

Some of our most popular treatments include dental implants and other restorative dental treatments. These services are more advanced, so it is important that you find a dentist who can give you the results you are expecting. Our Lucas TX dentist specializes in more advanced dental procedures and can provide you with a completely stress-free experience. Dental implants are a more invasive dental treatment because they are secured in place using a titanium screw that fuses to the jaw bone. Dr. Eric Andersen can walk you through your process so that you fully understand the procedure and what it will cost you in the long run. Many patients and dentists recommend dental implants as the best restorative dental treatment because they are a permanent solution to an incomplete smile. Dental implants also help to protect your other healthy teeth, so they are truly a great investment in your smile. If you are looking for a dental option that will last a lifetime, dental implants are the right option for your smile.


Prioritize Your Oral Health

The smile is a window into your overall health, so be proactive with your dental care. We recommend that you come in for a visit every six months for a dental cleaning and check-up. Even healthy smiles can develop cavities and gum disease, so regular dental cleanings are essential. Oral health is directly correlated to your overall health and can be a sign of other underlying health conditions. By prioritizing your dental care, you are putting your health first. Many things can influence our teeth and gum health such as our diet, lifestyle habits, and even the medication we take. By staying current on your dental records, you can make more informed decisions about your dental health and protect your beautiful smile.


To learn more about our trusted Lucas TX dentist, call our office at 972-727-4415 or fill out a contact form directly on our site. We believe in custom care for your unique smile. To experience the highest-quality dental care in our area, call Eric Andersen DDS today to book your next visit.