tooth brushes and tooth paste

A Note from Dr. Andersen


There are many dental practices in North Texas. Most provide expected services such as cleanings, check-ups, fillings, and crowns. How do you pick one that is right for you and your family?

As a young patient, I was absolutely terrified of the dentist. Fear of cavities, bad flavors, and pain were always in the back of my mind at every visit. As a dentist, I’ve made it my mission to make visits as atraumatic as possible, which for many of my patients, is much different than care they’ve had in the past. I emphasize prevention and minimally invasive treatment. And, if problems do come up, it means selecting materials and techniques that are proven safe, effective, and well tolerated by the body, so that your teeth last as long as possible without further intervention.

More specifically, patients may receive: 

-oral health wellness plans customized to YOUR specific needs and goals

-use of biomimetic materials: these are man-made materials that mimic your own natural teeth and gums closely. 

-non-invasive treatment options including application of silver diamine fluoride and minimally invasive fillings, where appropriate

-prescription rinses, sprays, and toothpastes that neutralize acidic saliva, help remineralize teeth, and fight dry mouth.

-evaluation of airway, sleep habits, clenching, grinding, and TMJ disorders

As a practice, we strive to go above and beyond drilling and filling and see our patients as whole people. Above all else, we are here to listen, plan together, and guide.

We look forward to seeing you.


Dr. Eric Andersen