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Quality Dental Care from Our Allen TX Dentist!

We are so proud to be your source for high-quality dental care in the Allen, TX area! Dr. Eric Andersen is committed to providing exceptional dental care to every smile in the community! Our team specializes in a wide variety of dental services so that our patients can get the care they need in one location. Whether you need a routine check-up or even a tooth extraction, you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality care in the Allen area.


Be Proactive With Your Dental Care

When it comes to your smile, it is so important that you receive personalized healthcare. Our teeth and gum health is directly connected to our overall health. Many health conditions can show signs in our smile, so staying up to date with regular appointments is essential. Dr. Andersen recommends visiting our facility every six months for a thorough dental cleaning and examination. We can help identify any underlying concerns and find early signs of gum disease or dental decay. Even healthy smiles can develop oral health issues, so try to stay proactive with your oral health. Plaque and tartar naturally develop on our teeth due to foods we eat and natural bacteria that occur in our mouth. Tartar can only be removed through the process of scaling, which is done by our dentist. This is an important step to help protect your smile because tartar can lead to serious dental decay. Protect your smile by visiting our Allen TX dentist regularly!


Advanced Services to Improve Your Smile

Braces can be an excellent option for any adult smile. Once our teeth are fully emerged, we can explore options to help straighten them and improve our bite. Dr. Andersen encourages patients of all ages to consider straightening their smile with braces. This is because they can seriously improve your overall health. If you have an improper bite, you can be leaving your teeth vulnerable to damage and you could injure your jaw over time. Orthodontic treatment can help to keep your teeth healthy and strong, and they can also help to improve their appearance! Many patients feel a boost of confidence after completing their journey with braces. If you are self-conscious of any gaps or spaces in your smile, braces may be the right choice for you.


Get a Beautiful & Healthy Smile

Not only do we prioritize your oral health, we also offer services to help you feel more confident with your smile. The team here at Eric Andersen DDS wants every patient to feel like a VIP. If you have any smile insecurities or concerns, we can help you find a treatment that can boost your confidence! Whether that is a simple tooth whitening treatment, or a total smile makeover, we can help find the right option for you. Every smile is unique, so we work to design treatment around your  individual lifestyle and smile goals. Talk to our team about any smile insecurities so that our Allen TX dentist can help you get closer to the smile of your dreams!


Get the smile you deserve with the help of our Allen TX dentist! Call our office at 972-727-4415 or fill out a contact form to schedule your next visit with us. We are honored that you have trusted us with your dental care, and we look forward to seeing your beautiful smile again soon! Call today to book your next appointment.